Senator Stevens Announces Broadband Expansions

Senator Stevens Announces Broadband Expansions

NASHVILLE – State Senator John Stevens made the following statement in regard to the announcement by Charter Communications that they will expand broadband to unserved communities through the Rural Digital Development Fund (RDOF). The initiative includes a $12.52 million investment to expand broadband to 12,510 households in District 24 which Stevens represents in the Tennessee Senate.

“I am delighted that so many homes in our rural communities will be connected through this initiative,” said Sen. Stevens.  “Broadband is becoming increasingly important to the way students are educated, medical services are provided, government services are delivered, and business is conducted.  In addition, broadband is essential as we work to create high-quality jobs for our citizens.”

“Government partnering with the private sector to fill the gaps is paramount to ensuring broadband services are deployed effectively,” he added.  “I applaud Charter’s efforts and look forward to seeing many more of our homes connected in the near future.”

Following is the county breakdown of households and investment:


4,118 households

$5.19 million


3,045 households

$5.76 million


506 households



1,120 households



1,063 households

$2.7 million


3,721 households

$2.86 million